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Post  Admin on Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:20 pm

1. Please be respectfull and curtious to other players. No foul language please. Remember if you are an adult that young children play freelancer too.
2. Please do not give out personal information in chat. It could come back to haunt you later and Freelancer Altered states staff take no responsibility for any actions you perform in doing so. There is no records of chats so we can not help you if you get yourself in some kind of trouble.
3. Please do what the Admins and server police ask. They have the power to ban any member from the server if it is justified. Not doing as an Admin asks or any vulgar language directed at the Admin or Staff constitutes an instant ban on the server. You may argue your case in the forums for being unbanned.
4. Please do not give out money or equiptment to new players, let them find it for themselves, its more fun that way.
5. Please do not beg Admin for money (there are a few exceptions where Admin will give players money without them asking as when or if the server or accounts have been damaged or lost etc....)
6. Do not ask admin to beam you anywhere. best part of the game is exploration.
7. You may have as many characters as you want under as many accounts as you want. There is no stipulation on Clan tags for accounts etc.. This is a free to roam server but keep it civil.
8. No Vulgar or obnoxious screennames, they will get deleted by the Server Op.
9. If there is a player dispute between two players and an Admin has been made
aware of and gotten involved with it, the Admins decission is FINAL.
10. This is a roleplay as well as a pvp server and we encourage you to take advantage of both worlds.
for pvp
  • There is a three kill rule. If a player is killed three times by the same person he/she must leave the system they were battling in for one hour unless it is in the Starting system Alpha Primus. There you may pvp as much as you like as long as you do not interupt a newly started player who is trying to make his way out.

  • no one under level 45 can be hunted, shot at, asked for taxes etc. The only exception is if they fire on you first, then by all means show them what rank is all about and fire those higher level guns at them


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