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Server down again Empty Server down again

Post  Spartan on Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:54 am

I took the server down for some maintainance and testing. Unfortunately after the work was complete I've since been overloaded with errors when it comes to freelancer. Nothing appears to work now. I'm not sure the cause and unfortunately I got called into work tonight so the server maybe down a few days Sad I could undo all the work I've done but that seems kinda pointless as the work was required to allow development and testing. As in the other post I am looking at an offsite host that will fix most of these problems we're having. check that out and let me know.

Ok found a way to get the server back up again without undoing all my cleanup. Still have issues with vanilla fl crashing though not the modded version. I still am thinking about moving the server to a paid offsite server. Please go check that thread out.

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