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Do we do a modified vanilla release as described here or wait a real long time for a cleaner version

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Post  Spartan on Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:16 pm

Ok as I mentioned in the news I am at a crossroads with version 1.39, here is the problem. You guys know what I want to do with the mod and it is a pretty heavy revamp of the vanilla freelancer universe let alone all the stuff that has been added into the altered states mod. A rough calculation for me to do all the work required is 300+ hours with working out code errors, map problems, and modifying every ship, weapon, and piece of equipment currently available in the mod it puts the release at some where around christmas next year. I don't really want to wait that long for the release and I'm sure you don't either, so here's what I'm proposing to do: Release 1.39 asap with the following plan:

Initial Release:

Vanilla Universe only
Autoupdate included and working 100% (this is the key to everything)
Economy updated and optimized for use with Dynamic Economy function
All vanilla ships, weapons and equipment retooled for the new weight format

Autoupdate releases:

Universe expansion as I get systems and such made they will be added to the universe and as I finish bases in already released systems you will be able to see them being built and opened in the game.

None vanilla ships etc will be released either into vanilla systems at new bases, original bases or into expansion systems. These releases will be noted on the server via the news system in FLPhook.

This method will all me to take my time and do the mod right without feeling like I'm running behind. Hopefully keeping the errors to a minimum. The other side is it will make for a smaller initial mod with the update covering the rest

So tell me your thoughts and hit the poll here

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