The future of the mod and myself.

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The future of the mod and myself. Empty The future of the mod and myself.

Post  Spartan on Fri Apr 09, 2010 1:30 pm

Ok as you guys know my life has been nothing but turmoil the last few months but it's slowly coming together again. Unfortunately as I piece it back together I find that it is very unlikely that I can handle all the duties required to run this mod. I find myself in the position of returning to the big road and as such I can't handle the day to day running of the mod and server. So I am opening up 2 new official positions within Lancerquest. Head Admin/Recruiter and Sysop (system operator).

Head Admin is a new position to with 2 primary duties helping players and advertising the mod. I would like to ask Shrike to take on this position. Your dedication and love of the mod says that you will go a long ways to make the most of this position. Especially in the area of bringing in new players.

Sysop although we've actually had this position for a while it's never really been official. I'm gonna ask that Fly take this position full time and also become responsible for releasing updates as they become available.

Now with these two positions taking up all the slack there, the question you guys are asking is what am I going to be doing. Well I won't be just sitting back and playing. I am preparing to hit the highway. Part of this is digging out my laptop and getting it running again. I intend to use it for working on the mod. I've also dug out the notes I made before everything went south for me and as soon as I get the laptop going all my modding stuff will be on it and that's what I'll be concentrating on. It's gonna start with a full rewrite of the mod bringing in better trade, more balanced weaponry and ejecting the current class system in favor of the weight method we discussed a few months back. Needless to say the next update is still far into the future. anyway thoughts and ideas guys?

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