Altered States 1.38 release window

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Altered States 1.38 release window Empty Altered States 1.38 release window

Post  Spartan on Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:11 pm

Yes you heard right there is a set window for the release of 1.38. It wasn't long ago that I wouldn't even guess when it would be ready and in reality I would prefer to hold off longer but several key issues pressed it's release. Sometime in the next 3 days (by Sunday night) Fly and I will move over to the new version the key upgrade is an Autoupdate function that will reduce the number of complete updates we would normally be forced to release with the current bug list we have to work on. As well as letting us add new content on a "as it's finished" basis. I'd release it right now but I need to co-ordinate a few final details with Fly. This version will not provide alot of fixes right off as it's been rushed out and is basically 1.37 with Autoupdate added in, hopefully making sure we're all playing with the same files will iron out a few problems players have been having (shrike Very Happy) and eliminate a few corrupted chars we've seen cropping up. Fly will try to fix those after the update. Anyway catch you after the update. bounce bounce

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