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Post  theshrike on Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:52 pm

Hi guys,
just wondering when the next mod update is due for release? I hope to be able to play a little more often once the busy season is over (Christmas) and am looking forward to seeing what changes are planned for the mod.
Thanks all and see you in space.
Bob aka theshrike/bugpowderdust

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Mod Update Empty Re: Mod Update

Post  Spartan on Mon Nov 30, 2009 5:39 am

Well I haven't put an ETA on the new mod version yet. Sadly my modding skills are pretty low and my free time is somewhat limited. To be frank the biggest changes are more internal than visible at this point. I'm finding that I'll have to recode some commodities to work with the dynamic economy. The most visible changes I have in mind will be price changes to some equipment and moving certain ships around along with some equipment being moved. Although I will be testing the Super System theory. I'll give you a short description on what I intend with this Idea. Currently the largest systems I have seen on any server are somewhere in the range of 500k across. Even at this size I find the systems are too small with our super cruise speeds, tradelane speeds, and not to mention the warp drive. Rather than change these I'm looking at combining systems such as New York, Colorado, Galileo and Texas. These would fall into the new system Liberty Sector. Each would retain their current system design and be situated far far apart (say 10,000k). There would be tradelanes connecting the systems to a central Jumpgate. Giving players options of direct flight via cruise/warp or using the tradelane system. The Jumpgate will lead into a nexus system similar to the one we currently start in. Each nexus will contain between 2 and 5 jumpgates each leading to different Sectors. The new Nexus system will contain bases that are undockable but will react to other things that I'm currently in the brainstorming step for (tentatively version 1.40). Now back to the map making and testing lol

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